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Leandro, UEFA Champions League New Format Creator, is an expert on tournament format solutions ©. He has developed dozens of innovative base competitions formats ©, registered under Leandro Shara System ©, and has 20+ years of experience working for global companies such as PwC and GlaxoSmithKline in management positions in different continents.


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Revolutionizing Competition Formats: The Intellectual Property Behind Leandro Shara’s Innovations, Embraced by UEFA Champions League.

Pot System © IP Registration Number 154857 From May 17th 2006 Chile

May 2006

IP Cómo Definir Sin Penales al Final?

June 2010

Pot System © IP Registration Number 224501 From Dec 26th 2012 Chile in Complement of RN° 194501

December 2012

Registro Puntos Relativos Certificado-2021-A-1125

February 2021

How To Do a Tournament With 36 Teams Without Groups

May 2021



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Fox Sports Interview

Can you make a World Cup with more selections?

June 2014

MatchVision POTs Format (c) - 1080p
MatchVision POTs Format ©

Explanation of MatchVision POTs Format © by an example of FIFA World Cup (TM) with 36 teams. Video was recorded on Play the Game Conference in Aarhus, Denmark (October 2015).

October 2015

Screenshot 2023-12-09 at 00-19-55 Match Vision - UEFA Champions League
POTs System © en español

German television explains in this way the format created and registered by Leandro Shara

March 2021




Euro Cup France 2016 Draw: Television Sticks its fingers in the Pots ©

The memory of the last World Cup Draw is still fresh in everyone’s mind and what happened keeps being suspicious and controversial.

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Todo evoluciona, menos los formatos de torneos

Todo ha evolucionado, la medicina, las comunicaciones, la estadística instantánea, etc. Sin embargo, los formatos de torneos siguen siendo los mismos desde siempre.

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